Sunday, June 21, 2009

More babies!

Not much going on in life, just waiting for warmer weather, having friends over, exercising again (ouch!), scrounging up the last few jobs to apply for before summer vacation takes over, caring for plants that are trying to die on me (the cheek!), taking a few quilt safaries (fabric!) and sewing here and there. Hmh.... guess it is enough going-ons for now:)
Here's what I have gotten done since last Sunday.
Three triangles! Love the little oak leaf:)
10 blocks! From left: Pie sale, Paddle wheels, Snow crystal, Lynnet's Diamond (a little wonky still) Justin's comet, Tinker toy, Coyote chase, Merry Mary, Framed Fancy and Soldiers and sailors monument.
I still have troubles with the names of these blocks..... I wonder what Jane would have called them.

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