Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leftovers from life

A follow-up from the house in the wood mentioned earlier. Since the house had been sitting there empty in the wood for many of years, people had been there and nicked whatever they could get their hands on. There were, however, a few remnants of lives being lived in that small red hut.
A summer hat dreaming of brighter days. Don't you love the wallpaper? It is actually cardboard - huge ones. The patterns and colours still holding.
We found this coat hanging in the hall upstairs. Was it his best coat at one time?
The stairwell had been decorated with pages from old magazines. This one had a typical Swedish christmas motive - the swedish 'tomte' doing his job of feeding the horses on christmas eve. Bjällerklang is Swedish for Jingle Bells.

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kahti said...

I do not know if I find it sad, or spooky. Life moves on so quickly. It feels like the pull of the waves on your feet in the sand.