Sunday, June 14, 2009

Circles for diamonds

Some of these Dear Jane blocks are so fiddly it makes you want to run out and howl at the moon out of sheer frustration! Even if it is week and a day until the actual full moon.

I mean, look at this! How do you even start figuring out how she made it? Fortunately there are women out there who have talents to turn the whole thing around and see things that aren't quite obvious to the rest of us.
I decided to try:) So from a circle (which looks like the fullmoon:),
we add triangles to the corners
Cut the whole thing into fours,
turn them all around and sew them together. Voila, M13 - Lynette's Diamond.
Amazing! I think quilting proves once and for all that women do have matemathical minds:) Unfortunately I don't, but I do know how to read instructions. And I can wait with the howl until the actual full moon!

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Sally Westcott said...

Now that is very clever! Well done. I must remember this method when I caome to making that one! Thank you for sharing.