Friday, July 8, 2011

Looking up

My newish job lies in a very noble area of the city. The apartment buildings are old, but well taken care of. Twice or three times a week, I go down this street to get hot and bothered (i.e the gym, so therefore no particular joy connected to that hot and botheredness - unfortunately :)). I do what I tend to do when I am downtown, I look up. I see things like this:

and this,
and this, which looks even gorgeous in the fall and winter!

This one, though, looks like a temple. And when you look closer, you see things like this:

Is it not gorgeous?

Of course, not of all them are 'nice':) I guess they are the Norwegian form of gargoyles?

No water sprouting of out them, though. Just for decorations.

I wonder if the architectures of old had fun when they thought these things up? I am so glad that they are taking care of them even now. What a wonderful heritage:)


Margaret said...

It must be so cool to live and work in such a pretty area! I love the pictures!

kahti said...

Beautiful! I love looking up too, and seeing what is there. I think that the faces are variations on the ancient myth of the "Green Man". I shall send you some links on him. ;-)
Thank you for sharing your visions.