Saturday, July 16, 2011


Finally a vacation! Just two weeks, but sooo lovely. While preparing for my trip (there will be pictures later) I am spending a few days just crafting. I am trying something differen in knitting.
Yes, it looks like a twisted thing, and it is supposed to be so. It is a moebius (?). I am looking forward to seeing it when it is off the needles. I can not see the logic, yet.
And I just finished a little flimsy. Trying things out. Solid white is a new thing. I like the cripsness of the red og the white, and I kind of like all the seams:) We shall see how it works out when it is all quilted.


Margaret said...

Enjoy your vacation! Somehow when DH takes a vacation it's only one week. So two weeks is a luxury to me! Love your knitting and looking forward to seeing what results. That quilt is so pretty too! Red on white is so crisp and pretty!

Paula said...

Have a nice vacation. I love your knitting, looking forward seeing what will come out of it. And I do like your Rock Island Shawl, I will try to find that pattern.
Happy knitting.