Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meandering monkeys

Is it possible to over-quilt a quilt? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it could be possible. I am on the (almost) home stretch with my mom's quilt, 'Surrounded by monkeys', and I am free-motioning all the cream parts of the quilt. And I realise that I still do the same mistake: my meanderings are too small, on the border to be stipling, which was the feedback I got on the course I went to on machine quilting. The main problems are that it takes FOREVER to quilt it, and I use a LOT of thread.

But to be honest - I don't really care if it is over-quilted and less meandering than stipling. I actually like the effect. The stars pop out and the quilt feels solid. And all the excess fabric as a result of not too close measuring.... gone:) I think I prefer it this way.

Though my biggest dream at the moment is to get it done! But it is still hot, and sitting in front of a machine under a warm lamp with yards and yards of fabric on my lap .... phew!

But I am getting there, and the party is in 23 days. Still time left. And in 25 days, I will be leaving for Colorado!!! Boulder, here I come!:)

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