Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Off to the sea!

I am taking a few days off to visit family in Sweden. They have a house near Vänern, an inland sea a few hours from here. It is so big, you can't see from one side to another. I keep forgetting it is freshwater:-) I will post pictures.

Problem is that I feel guilty for going off. I have this quilt lying on my sewing table. I am about to start machine quilting, and I never know how long that is going to take! It's for my mom's 75 birthday and my mom and stepdad's 20 wedding anniversary, to be celebrated on 23 August. Will I get it done in time.... sigh. I always get to a point where quilting suddenly is stress and not joy.

I had this dream of starting my Baby Jane this summer. Really have time to sit down and fuss with it. It all depends if I can get this one done in good time before the 23, because I am leaving for Colorado on the 25th!! See you soon, guys - only 47 more days to go.

Anyway - I finished stitching a small Christmas stitcherie from Bareroots. I love those, and bought several of them. Good as small gifts. They are small, meant to be in a frame of around 5x7 or so.

Sometimes small things are fun to make, as you finish them quickly and they don't take a lot of time. I made this for a friend last year, paper piecing. Small, small.

I have a whole book of these. One of these days....

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