Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mamma mia!

It is just too hot to sew today, and too hot to work, too....

While my mind is still working at more than minumum:) I just want to suggest something.
Go to the movies and see Mamma mia!

Having grown up with ABBA (yes, I do remember them winning with Waterloo) it is so fun to still get itchy feet when listening to the music. And I never realised how incredibly poignant some of the lyrics are.

The story is a giant boost for us women over 45:-) There is life after both 40 and 50. Not only Stellan Skarsgård and Pierce Brosnan, but Colin Firth, too?!?! Yep, Mr. Darcy himself. Sigh... Fun to see those guys playing 'bimbo' roles (quote from Skarsgård himself). The sight of them all in '70's ABBA costume copies are worth the price of the ticket alone. The story is thin, but the pictures are gorgeous, the songs good and the actors are fun! It doesn't pretend to be anything other than pure entertainment. And we need those at times. 

I went straight out and bough the CD, so now I am belting out Dancing Queen while I drive in my car, without air conditioning in these hot days....

Go and see it. Have fun. I guarantee you a smile on your face when you leave.

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Richard said...

Katherine and I saw the musical version a number of years ago (2002?) as the main thing we did on our only trip so far to Las Vegas. Loved it then, even without Colin Firth :-)

Maybe we can catch the movie next time you're here?