Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hateful necessity

Basting.... does anyone have anything positive to say about it? I have spent hours this weekend on my sitting room floor basting. My back aches, my fingers are sore from pin pricks. And the worst part? I can't seem to find one single solution that actually makes it easier to machine quilt this thing! I have tried spray glue - too messy and it doesn't stick for that long. Added to it that I have no idea what the long term effects of this glue is. I have done the safety pins - which always gets stuck in the back of the sewing foot. Annoying! So I have settled on the old fashioned basting by thread, eventhough this one also gets stuck.


I am planning to test out the basting gun, or whatever they call it, next. Thought I would see if I can guy it in Colorado this summer, when I go for my annual visit:-)

Does it work? Some say yes, some say no. Nothing for it but trying:) Half of the fun of quilting, isn't it, trying out new things?

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