Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wind in my hair

Two days just slouching around with my aunt and uncle:) How nice. We had beautiful weather, mostly, so we could even have dinner outside; not a given in Scandinavia in July, trust me. We did have some winds, which I did notice particularly when I took a bike ride.... riding against the wind.....

We went for walks down to the lake - which is really a sea. I think I read somewhere that there are around 150 fishermen making a living from fishing in the lake. They have tankers going up and down! The lake is huge!

My aunt and uncle have two dogs - Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. They love the water! The fur is wavy and has this oil on it that repels water. They are so fun. The male, for some reason, likes to carry around a rag. He needed to show me his rag, very proud of it.

I am a cat person, but I do like some dogs, especially with personalities, which these two have in abundance.

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