Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cool thoughts

It is just too hot for a Norwegian at the moment! We had a horrendous storm last night, thunder and lightning. Don't think Thor has worked that hard in years. Thinking that it would at least clear the air and make it cooler, I suffered through it quite cheerfully. No such luck.

So to try and cool down a little I am looking at pictures from last winter. We had some really beautiful frost days. Yes, even me hating winter can find beauty in the ice.

My theory is that no one was supposed to be able to live in this country during the winter. It is not habitable. The only reason most of us stay and do not follow the birds flying south in the fall, is that we are genetically conditioned to live in a winterland. How?

Well, when ice during the last ice age started melting, people started moving north, following the end of the ice. That in itself is stupid, if you ask me. Leaving sunny Spain to follow the ice? Seriously.

Even when getting to Denmark, which is a flat and fertile land, there was this little group of people that had this bright idea to keep following the ice. So they ended up in Norway - full of mountains and stone, dangerous seas, long winters and not a lot of farm land. And they stayed! See?! There must be something genetic.

How can you otherwise explain the desire for Norwegians to not only spend all winter skiing, but even place their explorations in the icy areas. Instead of testing themselves by crossing the Kalahari Desert with no outside support, they cross the North Pole, or the Antarctic, or Greenland alone, on ski, without outside support -still! Today!

About a 100 year ago or so, we had men who took a ship up to the north to let it get caught in the ice, just to see where the ice drift would lead them. Not to mention being the first one on the North Pole.... Yep, I am definitly feeling an icy wind coming:) Nice!

I might even be able to work on the quilt now.... maybe....

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