Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surrounded by monkeys

The little time left of the weekend was spent on starting machine quilting mom's birthday quilt. I really, really need to find a different basting that what I am doing at the moment. Basting with thread does NOT work!! Argh. However, I am trudging along.

I bought the whole package from a little quiltshop in Niwot, Colorado, last summer. I love it when I can find total packages and I don't have to think about what fabrics or what colours. I did exchange a few fabrics, as I detest certain pink colours and will not work with them. I thought also that pink was too bright for the quilt, and exchanged it with darker reds.

I love the names of the blocks. The big one is Puss in the corner, surrounded by Farmer's daughter, while the small one is Spinning star. Why it was called 'Surrounded by monkeys' in the store, I do not know. Since mom is a farmer's daughter, and so am I, I thought it was appropriate:-) Not quite decided what to call the quilt itself, though.

Most of the quilt is to be quiltet in freemotion..... oh joy. We shall see how that goes.

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