Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crackling fire, hot chocolate and knitting

I am sure I have one of the world's greatest view from my office. Considering the whole wall is just panorama windows, I can see all of Frognerkilen and Bygd√ły. Even when it rains, it looks good!

Oscarshall all wrapped in makes me feel transported to Japan, to some sort of tempel garden up in the mountains!

Can't wait to see it finished. Oscarshall, for those not in the know, is a pleasure palace (seriously!) built by Oscar I in 1847-1852. It is all pink, dainty and lovely. It is being renovated, and will be open for public in 2009, they think. I love the way it is situated. I can sit and look at it all day. Instead of working....

Having such a view is sometimes detrimental to work. It is raining today, all day, and it is impossible to NOT see it - since three of four walls here are windows. So all I can think of on a day like this, it being August and rainy, is fall. And fall for me is knitting, fireplace and a cold Coke. Sorry - I prefer cold Cola and my chocolate in chunks.

As I don't have any specific knitting ideas at the moment, I do what I always do in frustrated times like this: I go through every single pattern and book I have on knitting, and try to imagine myself liking all the patterns I have refused earlier, numerous times. I haven't bought yarn yet, so I am better off this year than last. I honestly do not have any quilt UFO's, but please do NOT ask me about knitting UFO's!

I know what is going to happen. I go to Boulder, again,  buy myself several knitting books, again, plan all the sweaters and jackets I will be knitting, again,  - and end up with knitting socks instead... again. Though... my socks aren't necessarily the dainty ankle ones. Kathy - you need to send me pictures of those sexy socks I knitted you. I forgot to take pictures before I shipped them:-) I wonder who else I can knit socks to.....

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kahti said...

Wooo-hoo! I am in your blog! Me and my sexy socks.