Friday, August 8, 2008

My first bag!

I have observed over the last few years that making bags of all sorts has become quite a craze over here. Since I am the kind of person who look for a loooong time before I find one I like and then proceede to use it until it falls apart - and grieve! - I have not given in to the pressure yet.

But this spring I got crazy and took a class. Here is the result!

I like the way the grey and pink goes together, though I am not partial to pink AT ALL!

I also like the way the lining goes up and 'closes' the bag. Open bags doesn't work in a country where it rains, often!

With all the japanese fabric left from the quilt I made for my sister-in-law, I could have made a dozen... I might make another one, if I ever get the time and there isn't anything else I want to do, or should do, or have to do.

My mom certainly liked it! She is the one in the family who has most bags... Always easy to know what to get her on my travel. I think she has one from every country I have been to. And she actually uses them, too! 

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