Friday, August 15, 2008

No blocks today

There is this commercial going on TV in Norway at the moment about the importance of milk. And the song keeps repeating: No milk today... It is one of those songs that keeps going and going and going...

Anyway, there are no blocks because I spent last evening with my nearest family: my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. We are a small family, but still managed to not be close as we grew up - for different reasons. Now when the kiddies are both over 20, and me and my brother are getting grey haired and can't see well up close, I have found an unexpected treasure. We all spent two weeks together a few years ago on a safari in Kenya, giving me an unique opportunity to get to know my brother after all these years, and my niece and nephew as grown ups. It was a revelation. There is no guarantee that you like your family (and there are frankly some family members I have problems with....) but I found them all to be fun and interesting to be with. How great is that?!

So whenever I have the opportunity to spend some time with them, this joy hits me afresh every time. I enjoy our long conversations, the insight they bring and the joy it is to see that they are all, at the moment, doing well and enjoying their lives. 

My niece is finally starting her education after years of problems and wrongful diagnosis. For a girl from the farm to start school in a 'big' city like Oslo, that is a challenge. But she is excited, and I am happy to be here and help her if she needs it.

My nephew wants to try a new career, which we are all excited about.

And my brother and my sister-in-law just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

All are sorted and exciting and scary at the moment - new starts and old beginnings. Let us keep our fingers crossed that our lives have hit a smoother wave for now.

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