Monday, August 11, 2008

My own journey!

I started my Baby Jane yesterday! I finished mom's quilt, cleaned out all the dust and lint from working on that for a few weeks.... hem.... and sat down and made my first three blocks.

I have thought and researched and gathered and printed out (I have never done a quilt that required this much paper work before!) listed and scetched... and yesterday I took the plunge.

I bought most of the fabric last summer when visiting my friends in Colorado. Cottonwood Quilts in Niwot have these amazing batiks, and I just fell for them. Never done one with these bright colours before, but I think I like it. It feels like happy colours. I am restocking from the same store in two weeks:)

I started with a simple one, D 13, Field of Dreams. And it went swimmingly:)

Then the next one was A6, Uncle Homer. I got a little cocky here, and had to redo it.

Then the third one was C3, Rayelle's Fence. This was my first try on paperpiecing with freezer paper. Such a good idea. Much better than ordinary paper. However, I need to work harder at straighter folding and better ironing. It is not quite square, but it fits the measurement.

I am very glad I invested in the Dear Jane rulers, because every time I use it, it reminds me: Better finished than perfect. Which my inner control freak needs to be reminded of, constantly:)

I found this great site where people have signed up to do Dear Jane together. She does a very good job. I started so late, so I am just hovering around her site, and hope she doesn't mind:)  She is having a blog break at the moment, but will be back at the end of this week.

On my Dear Jane CD they suggest you keep a journal of your work. They have made a page that you can use for each block. I thought that was kind of excessive, but as I started this yesterday, I thought it could be a great idea. This quilt might take me some time, and I would like to see where this journey brings me. I start this quilt with a big cloud hanging over my head regarding work. I have no idea if I still have a job in a few months. I think it would be interesting to see where I am in life when this quilt is done. It will be my own journey. So I have decided to wait with regards to naming the quilt, see where it leads.

Exciting... and scary.

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