Monday, August 4, 2008

On the fairway!

I got absolutely no quilting done this weekend! Instead I spent six hours on Saturday stuck inside (thankfully it rained... all of Saturday!) trying to cram too many rules about etiquette on the golf course into my head, and Sunday trying to hit a small white ball with different clubs. And strangely enough - I found it fun!

Yep, I am trying to learn how to golf. I have a goal to find so many different forms of exercises that I always have some kind that isn't boring. Belly dancing has been a favourite so far, even if I don't have a dance gene at all!

I have a right arm, and a shoulder, and a back and two knees.... that behaves perfectly nice and friendly - as long as I exercise routinely. When I was younger I did not really care about it, just went through the pain and hassle when it happened, and lived normally for the rest of the time. Until I tried to learn to drive a big motorcycle, a dream of a lifetime, and was told I could make a choice  - be able to drive a big motorcycle for a few years and then have a halfusable right arm for the rest of my life, or give it up and have the use of it a little big longer. So I realised that I have to make a foundation that can last me a long time. I intend to be able to quilt and craft as long as is humanly possible, and if the price to pay is exercising for the rest of my life - I can deal with that!

Doesn't sound like that big a deal, does it? Well, I am a HUGE fan of comfortable living. My favourite kind of exercise is to lounge on my very, very comfortable couch with knitting/sewing/quilting etc while watching one of my favourite sci-fi series (Farscape, Stargate, Atlantis, Star Trek, STNG, Enterprise, Babylon 5, Buffy, Angel, Heroes, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Agatha Christie... wait, that was crime. Oh well, you get the picture:)). To actually have to get up a heart rate and use my muscles till they cry is not a favourite past time. (well.... depends on the company, I guess;)) It still feels like lost time I will never regain - time that could be better used quilting, for one.

But then again - I want to quilt when I get 80:)

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