Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doris's Simple Trooper Badge Dillemma

Hah! Almost a correct sentence there:)

I am back after having got hit with a bad cold on Saturday, just in time to meet up with my... do we still call them boyfriends at our age.... on Sunday. Oh well. Marvelous medication they have now aday. However, result has been me being sick for three full days, just in time for the start of my vacation, which starts tomorrow, and mom's birthday party, which is in two days.

I am feeling better, though. I felt so good yesterday I could crawl up to the sewing table and start working on DJ again. I have been spending most of my time preparing a load of applique blocks to take with me to my trip to Colorado next week. Three weeks in Colorado!!!! Yahoo!

Four new ones managed to be completed before signing off, though.

K 12, Doris's Dilemma.

M 12 - Simpe Simon

C 1 - Trooper Green's Badge

B 10 - Jud's Trophy. This one was mighty picky in the middle. When I see the blocks in big pictures like this, I obsess about the imperfections. I have to remind myself that these are only about 5" big, and each one is just one out of 252...  And repeat the mantra: better finished than perfect!

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