Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the other side of the world

On a business trip to Singapore in December, we got stuck in the rain back from lunch one day. The streets of that city is so clean, we ended up going barefoot back to the office. No way I was ruining my shoes!

When you go barefoot, you look down to make sure you aren't stepping into something, and you start paying attention to the ground. Walking over a wonderfully smooth and clean tile floor in one of the very nice cool walk ways outside an older building, I started to look at the pattern. It was so familiar. I stopped, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. My colleagues thought I was crazy:)

These where the tiles:

And this was what it reminded me of!

Walter's Place from Dear Jane, the one I used in Elisabeth's Quilt!

I wonder what the ties are between an old tile floor in Singapore and a woman who sat in US during the civil war making the greatest quilt of all time (my opinion!). I could spin stories about that - exciting travels and daring adventures!

I love that things connects. 

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